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Emotional Transformations.

Personal Evolution through Spiritual Alchemy

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Emotional Transformations® LLC

In-depth coaching in personal evolution, communication and relationship skills for individuals, couples and families.



~ Workshops and Classes ~



 Our workshops and classes occur within the context of Soul Work:

The Soul is our constant inner companion, and yet often She feels neglected by our pursuit of intellectual understanding and emotional guardedness. She longs for the type of education that “draws out” our willingness to engage more directly with Her, and which brings us into conscious contact with Her intention “to lead” us more deeply into our personal evolution.

In this context, we explore how the Soul spurs us to grow by dismantling our out-dated archetypes, either willingly and/or through a “dark night.” We bear witness in our own lives how She uses synchronicity – both “positive” and “negative” – to guide us along the alchemical path that She would have us walk, calling us to re-balance by welcoming new and empowering archetypes.

And finally, we explore the nature of an imaginal field – that space between the conscious and the unconscious – where the Soul can reclaim its split-off parts, bring us back to balance, heal our inner and outer relationships, and provide direction for our unique life journey.