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Emotional Transformations.

Personal Evolution through Spiritual Alchemy

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Emotional Transformations® LLC

In-depth coaching in personal evolution, communication and relationship skills for individuals, couples and families.



~ Workshops ~





Margaret facilitates workshops once or twice a year.    Usually, each workshop is unique in its content and scope, distilling what Margaret is currently learning in her own personal journey.  


The hallmark of all of Margaret's workshops is that they encourage participants to go deeply into themselves to recover the gold that is buried within.  


Following are comments from participants from different workshops:


Thank you for facilitating a powerful experience for us today, I deeply appreciated your vulnerability in sharing some of your personal journey. I think that's the piece that many teachers/therapists/guides tend to leave out. I know it's a tricky task to not make it about you, but to share in an effort to empathize, encourage, and to model vulnerability and strength, and the gifts that come from the journey into the unknown. You did this masterfully, thank you.

  ~ K.G., Phoenix, Arizona


How I appreciate the insights, reviews and soul-searchings workshop we enjoyed last Sunday!   I continue to ponder the gleaning because of the well-organized, thought-provoking presentation.

It was especially meaningful due to the powerful change of events in your life that you so tenderly shared with us.

  ~ J.H., Tempe, Arizona